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About me

I am Huong Nguyen, a Vietnamese solo female traveler and freelance content marketer turned digital nomad. My journey started on August 2011 when I bought a one-way ticket from Vietnam to Finland to start my degree in International Business. Moving across the continent at the age of 18, I experienced a massive culture shock, at the same time was amazed by the meeting inspiring people from all walks of life. In November 2015, I left Finland to pursue the location-independent life and continue my journey across Europe and Asia. Nowadays, I am based in Hanoi as a content marketing specialist, where I run multiple social projects to connect and inspire young travelers.
What I write
I neither write boring travel guides nor articles about touristy sights. On Asia’s Nomad, I feature authentic destinations, unique accommodations and highly valued tours based on independent traveling. The blog focuses on artistic and cultural travel activities, including events and festivals. Also, I am happy to share my personal experiences, useful information and advice for my readers. As I love interviewing and meeting up with interesting people wherever I go, inspiring travellers and influencers from different parts of the world are also featured on the blog.
Who my audiences are
I write bilingual content to be able to reach both English and Vietnamese readers around the world. My readers are independent travelers, young enthusiasts of art, culture, food, and especially female travelers from Asia or have been to Asia. I am admin group of Female Travelers of Asia, where we connect. share stories and help each other out.

Travel Service Review

I write advertorial and unique content related to your product or service based on the author’s personal experiences. Adding recommendations and backlink to your website on a relevant article is more recommended than direct advertising. These types of articles are much better received by readers, and likely to be shared via social media as well. Read example articles here and here.
I also accept review requests from products and services that are unique and aligned with my content niche in order to provide honest, informative and trustworthy content for my readers. These travel products and services include:

Oranizing projects & events, contests & giveaways

I run multiple marketing projects and PR events for travel companies like Baolau, Bhutan Merits Travel.
One of my biggest projects is Go Explore Vietnam community project aiming to promote Vietnam tourism, art and culture, sponsored by travel companies all over the countries such as Traveloka, Joco, Divui, Gowhere, FreelanceViet, etc.
I also host contests and giveaways to give something back to the travel community. I love joining travel contests and recently won a free trip to Taiwan with KKDay.

Sponsored Trip

Besides creating ad-hoc content for companies like Baolau (Vietnam) and Trip101(Singapore) on a long term basis, I also get paid to travel in exchange for content to promote destinations
My article is usually 800-1000 words long, SEO based and include the followings:
  • 1-2 featuring photograph for each paragraph of fewer than 300 words, taken by DSLR camera Canon EOS 700D
  • Original content about real-life personal travel experiences, no copy or plagiarism
  • One short video or featured image specifically designed for the post
  • Social share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Newsletter
Read example article featuring multiple destinations across Europe and Asia

Advertising & PR

Send your banner or widget for top page or sidebar to my email for featuring and enquiring rates.
I work with different companies like Baolau, Agoda, Booking, World Nomads, Vietnam Visa, etc. on affiliate marketing.

Product Promotion

I bring along different products I love on each and every journey, which I advertise on photographs and videos via social media. I recently had a film campaign with Chez Muguet and enjoyed using the product so much.

Guest Post

I collaborate with many international and Vietnamese bloggers to grow our audiences together by guest blog post. I have had writers contributing content about such interesting destinations as Turkey and Bosnia & Herzegovina.If you want me to write a Guest Post or blog article on your website or magazine, or have an article published on Asia’s Nomad blog,please send your content requirement to my email.

I graduated from a university in Helsinki (Finland) with the bachelor in International Business, specialised in Marketing with one semester at the School for Marketing Management in Groningen (the Netherlands).
Before starting the blog, I have worked for companies based in Poland, Netherlands, Finland, Singapore and Vietnam
Szczecin Aloud, LittleLives, GroningenLife, AIESEC, Asialink Travel
From big international brands to small enterprises and NGOs, I have worked with a wide variety of organizations across Europe and Asia, which are my main markets.
For all partnership request, please send an email to