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Are you sick of living the 9-5 life? Or studying not knowing whether your degree will land you a job? Step out of your comfort zone. Go out into the real world and explore yourself. Meeting new people who are doing extraordinary things.

About Go Explore

Go Explore is a community travel project ran by digital nomads, local companies and organizers across Vietnam. In this project, we are going to:

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Travel around Vietnam to produce content including videos (10 short videos promoting 10 destinations), photos and articles to market Vietnam tourism in a fun and creative way.

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Organize events (workshops, photo exhibitions, meet-ups) in different cities to empower Vietnamese people to travel more, and guide like minded travelers on how to combine their passion for travelling and working remotely.

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Explore the hidden arts and culture of each city revealing the underground world that many people miss out on throughout Ho Chi Minh, Mui Ne, Da Lat, Nha Trang, Quy Nhon, Hoi An, Da Nang, Hue, Quang Binh, and Hanoi.

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What you’ll get from the program

✓ 30 days traveling Vietnam: 9th May – 9th June
✓ 10 stunning destinations to visit throughout Vietnam
✓ 10 promotion videos produced with the team
✓ 3 travel-themed events organized in Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh
✓ 5 GoExplore travel experts to team up
✓ All transportation fee covered following our itinerary
✓ Travel blogging & vlogging, sales & marketing, photography & videography skills
✓ Tons of Vietnamese music, culture and art forms to explore
✓ Endless memories, experiences and new friends
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How to join the project

We are calling for digital nomads, travel and tourism tech experts to come to Vietnam to join the team. Send an email to goexplore.vn@gmail.com with the links to your latest work, explaining why you want to participate in the project. We prefer if you

  • Are a digital nomad, author, speaker, blogger/vlogger or influencer based in Vietnam (preferred) or anywhere in the world
  • Are experienced or passionate with filming, photography, content writing
  • Work in tourism, hospitality or art industry
  • Are an expat/ local with deep understanding of your art and culture of a region included in our itinerary


We are also reaching out to travel companies, tech startups, accommodations, co-working spaces, digital nomad spaces, in addition to association working with oversea programs to fund this trip. We connect travel communities and friends in Vietnam to get together and build a creative image of Vietnam tourism through art and culture. Send us an email to goexplore.vn@gmail.com regarding sponsorship enquiry.

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Why Go Explore Vietnam?

From planning, executing this project to running travel-themed events, we want to:

  • Connect travel communities online and offline via events in Vietnam and marketing campaigns
  • Market Vietnam tourism by embracing the Vietnamese hidden art and culture
  • Guide and educate young people in Vietnam as well as like-minded travelers on how to travel and work at the same time
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About the organizers

Huong Nguyen is the founder of Asia’s Nomad, marketing guru and travel expert of Asia & Europe. A Vietnamese solo female traveler turned digital nomad. When not sweating at the gym, she loves exploring the world whilst working on the road. In 2011, Huong bought a one-way ticket from Vietnam to Finland, got bitten by the travel bug and started her nomadic journey ever since. Officially working as a digital nomad from 2015 as she left Finland to go on a 7-month Europe trip, Huong is now back to Asia and based mainly in Hanoi as a writer/content marketer for travel companies in Vietnam and Singapore. She travels slow, live independently on location, and works on multiple travel and community projects.

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From music blogger to director of public relations firm Stimulated Media. Maggie Tra pushed her way through the music industry by creating a niche Hip Hop/Soul and R&B music site dubbed Stimulate Your Soul in Sydney, Australia.  From this site she became well known in the music industry which created new avenues for her. Music was always her passion, and eventually she turned it into a career, today she manages musicians’ and does publicity for music launches, tours, events and festivals. She does all this whilst travelling. Cementing a new lifestyle as a digital nomad who works in different countries around the world combining her two loves. Music and travel.  She has also written for travel publications in London and Australia.

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All transportation fee between destinations following our itinerary are sponsored by Baolau Ltd.

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