Coworkation, in other words, coworking vacations is a rising forms of travel that can undoubtedly beat traditional tourism for a certain groups of people. These are digital nomad and remote workers that live and travel on their own terms, by working anywhere from their laptops, having either multiple home-bases or no base at all, and  new means of settling down by becoming financially free and location independent.  Nowadays, with work and personal life having blurry lines in between, there seems to be even no line at all especially for startup entrepreneurs and freelancers. We work with multiple time zones and cultures, some of what don’t separate work and life as clearly as Europeans. You will find below coworkation experiences that I have personally experienced or been referred to by digital nomads worldwide.


Nomad Cruise – Atlantic Ocean

Nomad Cruise, the world’s first floating digital nomad conference on cruise from Spain across the Atlantic Ocean to Brazil, is probably also one of the coolest coworkation experiences for online-entrepreneurs and remote workers. Its founder, Johannes Voelkner, has founded the group Web Work Travel, one of the very first communities of experienced digital nomads around the world early back in the day when the concept was first emerging just as a trend, which now has become a lifestyle well-known around the world. 

7in7 Co – New Zealand

7in7 is a series of digital nomad conferences organize in 7 continents, literally, including the Antartica. The one-week intensive experience include a wide range of activities, from community building to exploring and panel talks. With good reputation being spread within the community on its own, 7in7 has set its own name as an authentic coworkation top-notched experiences. The program opens scholarship for women and men from developing countries. Hence, people from underprivileged groups could also attend this amazing event. This year’s 7in7 conference will take place in Wellington, New Zealand.

Vietnam Coworkation Xperience – CoXplore Vietnam

Vietnam Coworkation Xperience 2019  (VCX) is a 3-week work and travel program across Vietnam held from 9 Sep to 29 Sep under the theme of “Empowering Online Entrepreneurship 4.0’’. The program expects international participants and local experience coordinators from 10+ countries around Asia and the world. Participants joining will receive a membership on the companys mobile app to travel and work around Vietnam, accessing different coworking space and coliving space locations. Being one of the few Vietnamese females that has made it as a location-independent digital nomad (former freelancer turned online entrepreneur), I have been very humble and proud to continuously host this program for year three this 2019. I and the co-organizing team have also decided to open 3 sponsored slots for suitable participants to apply via our Ambassador Contest at


Besides being a famous destination in Asia for its spiritual spirits, Bali is also an attractive destinations for digital nomads flushing to South East Asia because of low living cost, excellent food and weather. Thanks to coworking spaces and communities like Hubud and Impact Hub, working remotely from beautiful workspaces or on the beach has become more feasible nowadays.Similarly, Chiang Mai also pose as a popular destination for nomads. 

Remote Year – Round the world

Remote Year host a year, six or four month-long travel and work programs around the world, following an itinerary with a group of remote workers. Despite having ‘drop-outs’ and partying digital nomads-wannabes joining the massive groups, Remote Year is still a leading startup facilitating the so called coworkation experience and fostering the digital nomad lifestyle concept in the Western side of the world. 


Whilst there are many cool coworkation experiences out there, most experienced digital nomads still prefer to travel independently and design their own routes. Leave a comment below or drop me a message if you need tips and advices for being a digital nomad in Asia.
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