Go Explore Vietnam Immersive Art Exhibition presents a selected collection of photography and videography artwork, featuring different destinations across Vietnam, to create an immersive art space, combined with diverse visual and sound effects such as lighting, experimental/electronic music, and art performances. Surrounded by interactive images and Ultra High Definition (4k) videos shown in dark room with rich sounds, the space offers an amazing immersive and sensory experience in the realm of art and entertaining. Massive displays shown from projectors combine artistic, informational and promotional content. Travel to these immersive art experiences on view across the country.


Embracing the mission to bring the image of Vietnam as well as Vietnamese people, art and cultures closer to the world via creating creative photographs and videos, the exhibition aims to make social and community impact. Through this art and cultural event, we want to create a chance to experience art for everyone, including both art lovers and travel community, organize an educational activity – a learning experience from the art of travel photography, and introduce and connect local and international artists with the community.

3 concepts of the exhibition are: Immersive art exhibition, meaning experience being ‘inside the artwork’ by letting the sound and visual elements take you to different places across Vietnam, Digital storytelling, or telling stories of the life and people in Vietnam behind the filming scenes and photographs and creative learning – studying geography and tourism of Vietnam in a fun and innovative way

3 main art spaces in the exhibition includes ‘Landscapes of Vietnam’ – landscape photographs featuring gorgeous travel destinations of Vietnam shot by drone cameras, Humans of Vietnam – portraits of Vietnamese people, photographed by international artists who have travelled throughout the country and ‘Life in Vietnam’- typical daily life filmed different regions throughout the country, reflecting a mixture of traditional and modern influences.


The exhibition display many artwork of multiple local artists such as Pham Phu Nghia and Nguyen Tan Dung, and international artists such as Cristobal Ascencio from Mexico, Chévon Leo from South Africa – illustrator having worked with Hollywood films, Anna Paniagua & Matt Kiefer – the founders of Hostelgeeks brand with over 29.2k followers on Instagram, and one of our guests of honour Réhahn. He  was ranked one of the top 10 portrait photographers in the world and the 2nd most popular French photographer on the internet, having been to over 35 countries and is currently living in Hoi An, Vietnam. Some of his most famous works are the ‘Hidden Smile’ photograph and the ‘Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts’ photobook, including 150 photographs inspired by his past 6-year long journey encountering 45 of the 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam. His works have been featured on Conde Nast Traveler, The Times and National Geographic.

The grand opening also welcomes the well-known performing artist Vu Nhat Tan. Known as one of the pioneers in the contemporary music scene of Vietnam, composer Vu Nhat Tan has gained success in music events across Asia, Europe and Australia. In 2002, Vu Nhat Tan turned to experimental electronic music on computer platform, electronic equipment and music instruments. These works were introduced during his performances in Europe, America, Australia, China and Vietnam in collaboration with many classic and contemporary artists. Tan has lectured on composition and musicology at the Vietnam National Academy of Music since 1995.

The event was officially sponsored by Traveloka.