There’s something about traveling by train that somehow always catches my breath away as passing through the forests and mountains on the train is adventurous, thrilling and soul-stirring. Traveling by train in Vietnam is a unique experience. One of the best train journeys in the country, which I must always encounter when recommending to my foreign fellow travelers who like to visit my hometown, is the ride between Da Nang and Hue through Hai Van Mountain Pass. The spectacular 21-kilometer long pass, Hai Van, one of the most gorgeous mountain passes in central Vietnam, is located just 500 meters above sea level.

Hai Van Mountain Pass - Da Nang station

I started in Da Nang from the train station. Da Nang’s train station is, interestingly, well designed with a mixture of contemporary and vintage interior. This resembles Da Nang city, shifting itself from a previously less known destination to one of the fastest growing city of Vietnam. Nevertheless, the station was very crowded and rather unorganized. The entrance was full of taxis flooding in all directions. Our friend dropped us in a random spot in front of the main door.

Hai Van Mountain Pass 2

In order to avoid the queue and common exhaustion of waiting for train ticket officers, I booked our tickets on They sent me a voucher which is also the e-ticket that can be used straight for boarding on the train. Vietnam’s train seems very old from the outside, but the modern cabins have specifically been renovated, are clean and organized. Considering the facilities, some of the most high-end train routes in Vietnam are Sai Gon – Phan Thiet with Vietnam Railways or Hanoi – Sapa with Victoria Express.

Hai Van Mountain Pass 1

Our train was departing from Da Nang for approximately 15 minutes till our arrival through the pass. You will be amazed through the whole journey, passing through dark halls, led to bright and thrilling hills above the blue and tranquil ocean, repeatedly.

The whole journey lasts for only about 15 minutes. I went to the windows in between cabins to take photographs. Since the windows aren’t clear to actually capture the breath-taking scenes, I went to the canteen carriage for better views. An ideal spot to enjoy Vietnam beer and immerse yourself in the stunning ride.