Lying just about 1 hour away from the famous UNESCO Heritage cultural town of Hoi An, Tam Thanh is an undiscovered art and cultural gem, a one-of-its-kind destination worth taking a look. Tam Thanh is the home to untouched seasides, local villages, and amazing countryside landscapes. Our trip to explore Quang Nam province in the central Vietnam was a great getaway, thanks to awesome accommodations like Tam Thanh Natural Beach Resort. That was a great place to just sit down, chill and relax with a bicycle ride around the beautiful Tam Thanh Mural village.
Tam Thanh Natural Beach Resort 5

Location – how to get there

We took the train from Dieu Tri station in Quy Nhon, and arrived at Tam Ky station within less than an hour. Tam Thanh Natural Beach Resort is in the middle of Tam Thanh village, close to the famous Tam Thanh Mural Village, an art project for the community joint by Korean and local artists. From here, take a taxi to the resort. If you travel in a group or find someone going in the same direction to tag along, it’s much more affordable. The taxi ride will take you around another 30 minutes to get there or 45 minutes if he gets lost in the area like ours did.
Tam Thanh Natural Beach Resort 3
Book you train from Quy Nhon to Tam Ky with Baolau (recommended by Lonely Planet).


The whole resort area seems very simple and untouched, surrounded by white sand and lines of coconut trees. There are not any fancy services going on like in other high-end resorts. The concept of Gowhere is to create a simple get-away space to relax with just the basic necessities. I love the idea because since I am not going to spend much time indoor anyway, why would I need to pay so much for a fancy resort in the middle of nowhere?
The seafront is just at my doorstep, ideally for waking up with a warm swim in the morning or simply enjoying breakfast whilst sunbathing.
Tam Thanh Natural Beach Resort 6


Like I mentioned, most of the facilities at the resort are really simple. We were 7 people, staying in a family room with 3 double beds and 2 single beds. There’s only one indoor bathroom.
Tam Thanh Natural Beach Resort 4


Motorbike rental service is available. If you travel in groups, contact them in advance in order to book a short tour around the area. The manager there was very welcoming and helpful throughout our stay. The food provided there was great value for money. There are not many places nearby to eat except for the morning market in the village. Hence eating here is of course recommended.
Tam Thanh Natural Beach Resort 1

Getting around Tam Thanh

Lang Bich Hoa – Tam Thanh Mural Village

A small village of more or less 20 households, of which house walls are filled with stunning vivid mural paintings. These artwork reflect the local life and culture of the people of Tam Thanh. It is a joint project between the Korean Community Art Exchange Program and the Vietnamese People’s Committee of Quang Nam Province.

Tam Thanh Mural Village

Tam Hai Island

Another well-known spot for camping, famed its nearby area of distinct rock topography. Ban Than Reef, lying just a few inches above the sea level along the seaside of Tam Hai village, are like gigantic sets of charcoal rocks of all shapes and sizes.

Tam Hai Island