I have never been a fan of luxury travel. A good amount of comfort when being abroad excites me, but too much of that would bother me. I am more of the ‘exploring and experiencing’ type of traveler, but not necessarily adventurous I believe many solo female travelers out there share the same situation. I believe to have a much more fulfilling and happier life if I’d pay for flight tickets and authentic low-budget accommodations rather than saving for houses, cars, clothes or 5-star hotels.

Nevertheless, it is blessing sometimes to have all the things you would at home whilst staying on the road. On this year’s international women’s day, I decided to go on a fully sponsored journey from Hanoi to Sapa with Victoria Sapa Hotel and Victoria Express Train , which absolutely changed my while prior perspective of luxurious traveling. Some of their extravagance are indeed worth paying for.

Victoria Sapa Hotel

Victoria Spa and Resort

Nestling above the hills up high in the northwest highlands of Vietnam, Victoria Sapa Resort and Spa is one of the few top-notch hotels and the only alpine chalet you can find in the area. Once you are done being overwhelmed by the aerial views of Sapa from over 3,000 m (~9,842 ft) on the Fansipan, trekking endless green rice paddies, and admiring the scenic landscapes filled with sweeping valleys dotted with colorful hill tribe villages, spend the evening relaxing at Victoria Sapa’s elegant spa, fine restaurant, and cozy room. The whole premises consists of a massive main building for hotel rooms, a tennis court, and an exclusive area for beauty and spa treatments next to an event venue. All of this is surrounded by a gigantic eco-friendly outdoor area. High-end travelers must experience the comfort, style, and class of staying at this lavish hotel.

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 Victoria Express Train

Victoria Express Train from Hanoi to Sapa