One of my favourite things about being digital nomad is the amazing amount of unlimited network you can get. You not only get to meet a wide diversity of people so from many countries and backgrounds when traveling, but also on the internet. We voyagers and nomads have formed such a large bonding community online that it is so easy nowadays to connect with like-minded people from any part of the world. That’s how I e-met Sakia Haque – a young medical student, passionate photographer and founder of Travelettes of Bangladesh. We were both excited about the concept of female traveling, then one day decided to start a group for Female Travelers of Asia together to help young fellow travelettes to embark on their next adventure to Asia. Her story is so inspiring that I had to share it via this week’s featured story blog post.

Sakia Haque

1. Please introduce yourself shortly

I am Sakia Haque from Bangladesh, currently in my final year of my med school.I love traveling and I love photography.And these two are my passion and hobby.

2. How did you get into traveling? Why do you think are the main reasons for you to travel?

I live in a conservative society here, where girls are not allowed to travel here that much, let alone solo. I have been waiting for my female friends to travel with me since 2011. In 2014, I couldn’t wait any longer and thought of taking the initiative alone. I found that traveling enriches your soul. You feel free. You can taste the freedom. Nevertheless, it makes you more active and literally perform better in your work.

3. Why and how did you start Travelettes of Bangladesh? How has this group impacted the communities?

I along with my friend Manoshi started the female group here in Bangladesh on 27th Nov 2016. We wanted to create a platform for girls where they can travel, where traveling is secure and safe and also cheap. We currently have more than 7800 members. It has brought the girls together here. Many girls who haven’t traveled before has joined us, irrespective of age. I think traveling shouldn’t have any age limit or boundary. People in this group post not about Bangladesh only, but also about traveling all over the world. Now, girls are forming groups through this group and pursuing their passion, traveling.

4.  Do you have any extreme travel story to share?

Well, I do have few things to share.Bangladesh has many extreme tourist spots, which are quite unknown to the foreigners.Let me share one story for now.
Nafakhum, one of the biggest waterfall here, has a very very slippery path.We had to trek around more than 2 hours to reach.The river had a strong current if you slip you are bound to die.People died there even.The path is also full of leeches, that suck blood. But yet, the journey and the scenery was worth it.

5. Any advice for fellow female travelers around Asia?

Please do visit Bangladesh.But for traveling here, the best thing you can do is to travel with a local. Otherwise, it would be a bit tough. Bangladesh does not only have the largest sea beach in the world but also we have Sundarbans-the home of Royal Bengal tiger and tourist spots that most of the outsiders don’t know.
I would love to travel all around Asia. Traveling to Malaysia this April. Wish me best of luck!

Sakia Haque 3


  1. Nadim Majid March 27, 2017 at 6:11 am

    Thank you for publishing this news.

    1. Huong Nguyen - Site Author June 25, 2017 at 11:35 am

      You are welcome Nadim! Hope you enjoyed a good read 🙂


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