‘Hello there! I’m Linh Ngo, a Vietnamese living in The Philippines. I’m currently working in finance for an American company. I have a passion for traveling and exploring, which was why I left my job as a banker of a big foreign bank in Vietnam in 2012 and relocated to Manila, the Philippines ever since. Traveling with a 3rd world passport is never being easy, but somehow full of excitement and experiment getting my tourist visa stick on.’ (Linh Ngo, founder of bylinhngo.com).

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Linh created the blog Fernweh by Linh Ngo 4 years ago (Fernweh means having an itchy feed to foreign countries or craving for travel). She’s a brilliant and fascinating young girl I got the connection with over an online group for travel bloggers/female travelers. Despite her current location in the Philippines, Linh has been active with the female traveler scene in our country of origin – Vietnam. During her journey, she met and fell in love with a Malaysian Chinese man, who happens to be her husband now. He ends up as her travel buddy and ‘partner in crime’, said Linh. They went exploring several countries together for the sake of tasting local street-food, experiencing new cultures, trying traditional clothes from different parts of the world, and eventually making friends from all walks of life.


‘I travel to taste the life, to reach out the world, to make memory and to learn about people’. Linh’s journeys through 7 countries and 2 continents have been filled with memories – about the girl who helped her take a taxi in a foreign country whilst giving careful instruction to the cab driver to make sure she would be home safe, about all those beer parties with friends from different countries traveling the world just like her, about the guy who quit his office job and became a famous DJ in Tokyo nowadays. 

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